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The videos below focus on the four general categories of personality types. To watch the video that describes your type, choose from the following menu:

As you’ll notice, the general categories drive the force behind each type. The secondary letters, (for example I and J for an INFJ, where NF is the general type) are useful when choosing a job, or specific work functions. (For example, an Introvert will prefer working one-on-one, and an Extrovert will prefer more social interaction, within the same general career.)

What's next?

Personality is great, but you know what's even better? Figuring out how to apply YOUR unique personality strengths to a career you'll love. Ready to work on this together?

What's next?

If you found your type, but still have some questions, I’m offering a one-time mini-session to brave quiz-takers. To find out more about how to use your unique personality strengths in your career, click below to schedule a 20 minute session with Shaina Keren.