Resume Writing Services

Resumes that get the Job. Done.

I write resumes that work. Resumes that make hiring people stop mid-resume-stack and pick up the phone to get you in for an interview, today. My goal in writing a resume (besides for an ego boost, which is a natural incurable side-effect) is to match you to your dream job so the employer wonders how such a great fit for their position you.

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Career Coaching with plan

Why would someone spend time and money going to a Career Coach? Do you really think you can tell me what job I'll be good at?

Why, actually, YES, thank you for asking. I don't have any super-prophetic powers, but I do have super-power testing that tests the way your brain works in a whole bunch of different areas. I use aptitude tests, personality tests, and a combination of other useful information and experience to give people clarity and knowledge of their own superpowers, so they can tune into them and put them to use at work.

From personal experience, there are few others areas in life where money can buy such happiness.

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Interview Preparation

Ever wonder why sometimes lousy people get hired over talent?

One dirty little secret called....interviewing skills. Knowing how to interview is a science, a method, an art of it's own. Being prepared with what to say and how to say can make a job of a difference. You're resume can get you the interview...but the interview wont get you the job, unless you're prepared.

I'll share techniques that myself and my clients have used in getting job offers, and chosen over candidates who looked better on paper. .

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Q: I already have a job, and it pays really well. The problem is, I really don’t enjoy what I do. How can you help me?

A: The case of the golden handcuffs. I love this question, and although some of you can laugh at the idea of getting paid too much to leave, it’s a serious problem for many. Yes, I can help you figure out what you would love, and then we can decide on a plan together – weighing all factors, financial as well as others. You may be surprised to learn that you can make even more doing something you enjoy!