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1:1 Coaching



You know your strengths, but need guidance in moving on and up in your career. Time to discover what you can do!

 personality assessment

career overview and guidance



What career is right for you? Choose your career path with confidence by discovering your unique aptitudes, talents, & skills.

Full aptitude testing package

90 Min Review & Strategy Session

Customized Career Plan



Time for a career change? Discover and create a new career path. For Professionals with work experience

Full Aptitude Testing Package

2 Career Strategy Sessions



If you want to know what makes you unique, and how to match that up as perfectly as possible to a great Career, this one has the answers.

2 sessions

Full aptitude testing



Are you ready to take on your next challenge? Let’s take it from idea to reality! (Recommended for Career changers, Returnships, and Entrepreneurs .

Full Aptitude Testing

3 months of Career Coaching sessions

Ongoing Support (phone, email and text)

How do I know if I need testing?

You may need testing, but if you don’t, the last thing I want to do is have you waste your perfectly good time and money on something you’ll tell your friends was just that. The reason you’d need testing is if you felt like you were missing data. By data, I mean the facts. What are you good at? Do I have the right skills to be an architect? Even if you are a very self-aware kind of person, real aptitude testing gives you insight that you couldn’t have made up yourself! (Or, even if you could, now you’d know it wasn’t you making it up, but it actually scientific data) Feel the difference?

Career Coaching is expensive! Do you have some free options for me?

Well, if you’re out of a job, then spending money on coaching might seem like a mistake. Truth or dare? Well, the truth is, that if you have bills to pay right now, then this is not a great time for career coaching. It’s time to get a job, any job, and get them bills covered. But, if you’re ready to take the time to make the right choice this time around, then there’s no better time to get started. Also, most clients make many times the amount they’ve spent as a result of our work together. It’s the best investment you can make.

I don't live in NY. Can we still work together?

Sure! Also, I’m a little jealous of you if you live somewhere warmer. I work with people all over the US, Canada, Europe, and Israel. Got phone and video? Can do. It’s pretty incredible, but I’ve actually never met some of my best clients!

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